Jamie is excited to join the Shawnee Mission Board of Education.  She is passionate about fighting for ALL kids... and she is committed to putting STUDENTS first.






Jamie is the only NW area candidate to receive an endorsement from SMSD teachers (SM NEA).  She is also endorsed by SMSD Parent and Board Member, Heather Ousley. 






Jamie has three children representing every building level: elementary, middle and high school.  Her children attend Christa McAuliffe Elementary, Trailridge Middle School and Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. 


Jamie volunteers on school site councils, including representing the NW area on the SMSD district site council.  She leads various PTA committees and enjoys connecting with families at school events.  With her involvement, she understands how each building, each teacher and each student is unique.  

As an Emmy Award winning journalist, senior level business executive, and Founder of SMSD Circle of Kindness, Jamie believes in a growth mindset.  She has dedicated her time to helping the Shawnee Mission community create the best version of itself, and will continue to do so as part of the Board of Education.  


From her role in helping abused and neglected children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), to the young men and women she mentors through Kansas State University's Business Executive Mentorship program, empowering young people of all ages is the driving force behind her servant leadership approach.  

Jamie is committed to dealing with issues surrounding mental health, digital learning and wants to help bridge the gap to create equitable and inclusive achievements in academics.  Specifically: 

          -Mental Health.  Jamie looks forward to SMSD leading the way in social and emotional learning (SEL).  If students are having mental health issues it becomes difficult for them to learn.  Teaching kids positive coping strategies, self-regulation techniques and provide them with proper support to create the best learning environment possible.  

          -Digital Learning.  Jamie has been knocking on doors since June and connected with thousands of families. The number one issue she's heard at the door is too much time on devices in classrooms.  We need to ensure devices are used intentionally. It should be utilized to enhance instruction, create personalized learning experiences and create learning which otherwise could not be possible.

          -Creating and supporting an equitable and inclusive culture for ALL students to thrive.  SMSD's strategic plan makes clear the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion.  SMSD must attract and hire educators of color. Studies show students of color perform better on tests, have better attendance and are suspended less frequently when they have at least one same race educator.  We have to set the bar high for ALL students.  Research states a teacher’s estimate of student success is the number one driver of student achievement. It is imperative educators expect the best from students as well as provide engaging learning opportunities and work towards creating positive relationships to give ALL students the chance to be their best.  Jamie believes you do not have to take something away from one group to benefit students in another group.

As a grassroots candidate, Jamie began knocking on doors in June and has connected with thousands of families in the NW area.  She is grateful to each mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and engaged community member who talks with her at the door.  Her favorite part about campaigning is connecting with people.  Jamie would love your vote on November 5th!

Earlier this year, Jamie won Kansas State University's College of Business Executive Mentor of the Year award for her work with college students!





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